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Surgical Rubber Products

Tubing Connectors Tubing Connectors
70-502 Stopper Less Water Bottle/ice Bag 70-503 Ice Bags
70-504 Ice Bag, Oval 70-507 Invalid Rings, Conventional
70-508 Irrigator Sets 70-509 'dolphin' Douche Bag
70-509 'dolphin' Douche Bag 70-513 Corrugated Draining Sheet
70-515 Soft Inflated Pessaries, Red Rubber 70-516 Pessaries, Solid Rubber
70-518 Ecg Bulb, With Electrode Cup 70-520 Rubber Bulb, With Valves
70-521 Blood Pressure Armlet Bag 70-525 Vaginal Douche Spray
70-527 Stomach Tube, Rubber 70-540 Rebreathing Bag, Rubber
70-542 Saline Tubing, Latex 11-135 Laboratory Rubber Tubing
70-501- Hot Water Bottle 70-503 Ice Bags
70-505 'dolphin' Throat Ice Bag 70-506 Invalid Rings, Moulded
70-508 Irrigator Sets 70-510 Douche Tube, Rubber, Rolled Ends
70-512 Enema Syringe, Higgonson's 70-514 Corrugated Draining Sheet
70-517 Ecg Bulb, Rubber 70-519 Pipettte Bulbs, Rubber
70-522 Blood Pressure Bulbs 70-524 Politizer Air Douche
70-526 Infant Syringe 70-530 Plungerless Syringe, Catheter Tip
70-531 Breast Reliever/ Pump 70-538 Magill Tube, Nasal/oral, Rubber
70-541 Corrugated Rubber Tube 70-543 Silicone Tubing
70-544 Inflator, With Adaptor 70-545 Nasal Aspirator
Cork Borer Sharpner Cork Borers
Cork Borers Cork Boring Machine
Rubber Stoppers, Assortments Silicone Tubing
Tubing Connectors

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