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Scientific Lab Equipments Manufacturer Exporter India
Lab Equipments Manufacturer Exporter India

Lab Scientific Equipments

We are a manufacturers and exporters of Lab Scientific Equipments and has been for various other products of your need since 1958. We are exporting and importing Science Lab Instruments, our product line include Conduction Equipments, Anaesthesia Instruments, Medical Equipments, Blood Bank Instruments, etc. We can help you to make right choice for your requirements.

Achievement Development & Learning Tools

Agriculture Instruments

Analytical and Scientific Instruments

Animal Cage

Antennas & Transmission Line

Astronomy Tools

Audio Visual Item & Instruments

Biological Lab Instruments & Models

Blood Bank Instruments


Centrifuge Wares


Chemical Electrical Heating Appliances

Chemistry Laboratory Equipments

Civil Engineering Instruments

Compressor & Vaccum Pumps

Consumables Products

Cryo Labware

D. C. Electronics


Diagnostic Instruments

Didactic & Training Systems

Digital Blue Products

Digital Controllers

Digital Instruments

Digital Meter & Testers

Digital Scales

Disposable Medical Surgical Products

Education Labs Machines

Educational Aids

Educational Charts

Educational Materials

Electric Actuators

Electrical Engineering Laboratory Instruments

Electronic Educational Equipments

Engineering Educational Equipments

Engineering Equipments

Engineering, Polytechnic and Vocational Training Equipment

Environmental Instruments

Equipments for Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Experimental Training Equipments

Fibre Glass Models

Flats & Wedges

Force & Motion Tools

Forensic Models

Garden Tools

Geared Servo Motors

Giant Heart Model

Globes, Maps, 3D Models & Charts

GSM Mobile Communication System Experiment Kit

Hand Tools

Hospital Furniture

Hospital Instruments


Image Analysis Softwares

Industrial Automation Instruments

Jacketed Reactor

Kitchen Equipment

Lab & General Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory Plasticware

Laboratory Supplies

Laboratory Testing Instruments

Laser Trainers Kits

Liquid Handling System

Material Testing Machines

Medical Batteries

Medical Consumables

Medical Equipments


Microscopes and Accessories

Microstrip & Microwave


Motorized Potentiometer


Nautical Instruments

New Products

Oil & Petroleum Testing Tools

Ophthalmic Equipments

Opthalmic & ENT Equipments

Optical Components

Optical Products

Other Indian Tools

Other Products

Paraffin Wax Dispenser

Passive Night Vision Devices

Pharma Machinery

Pharmaceutical Equipments

Pharmacology Equipment

Pharmacy Instruments

Physics Lab Equipments


Plastic Labware

Pregnancy Models Set for Nursing Training

Prepared Slides

Process Control Instruments

Psychology Lab Equipments

Quality Control Laboratory Equipments

Radar and Satellite

Rocks & Minerals Specimens

Safety Products

Scientific Lab Equipments

Scientific Microscopes

Silicaware Quartzware

Silicon Tubing & Components

Solar Products



Special Purpose Machines

Stepper Motors

Strategic Electronics & Defense

Suction Appratus & Unit

Sugar Factory Instrument

Surgical Instruments

Surgical Rubber Products

Testing & Measuring Instruments

Water Stills (Glass & Quartz)

Water Treatment Plants


Wooden Lab Products



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