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De-Mineraliser Plant (AQUA DM XL SERIES)

De-Mineraliser Plant  (AQUA DM XL SERIES)
De-Mineraliser Plant (AQUA DM XL SERIES)

The New "Interlabs Aqua DM - XL Series" have several User-friendly features and are available in three standard models.

De-Mineralisers(De-ionisers) are based on Ion exchange Technology and removes all the dissolved ions present in the raw water and the demineralised water produced is of High purity, with low electrical conductivity (lesser than 10 microS/cm at 250C).

Note : When the Exchanger (Resin) is exhausted, it has to be regenerated with dil. HCl solution and caustic soda for cation and anion respectively.

Features :

  • Safety Feature
  • Light Indicator
  • color tubing
  • Easy to use

New! User Friendly Features :

  • Safety Feature: The entire unit works on low Voltage. Hence, danger of electrical shock to the operator is eliminated
  • Light indicator: The new XL model has light indicators that indicate the quality of DM water.
    o Green light indicates good quality water (less than 30 micro S/cm)
    o Red light indicates that the unit requires regeneration owing to the high conductivity of water ( greater than 30 micro S/cm)
  • Color Tubing:
    o Green Tube indicates Raw / Untreated water
    o Blue Tube indicates DM / treated water and
    o Red Tube indicates Effluent water.
  • Easy to use: Regeneration procedures have been incorporated on the vessel for easy reference during regeneration and maintenance. The unit can be independently maintained by the lab technician.

Specifications :

Model No. Min Flow Rate (lit/hr) Max Flow Rate(lit/hr) Output bet. Reg.(lit) Min Pressure (kg/cm2)
Aqua DM 600/100 A/D 10 100 600 0.5
Aqua DM 2000/200 A/D 20 200 2000 1.5
Aqua DM 3500/600 A/D 60 600 3500 2.0
  • Note: The output is based on 250 ppm TDS.
  • Raw water should be free from turbidity, free chlorine, heavy metal, organic matter, oil and should be at ambient temperature.
  • The treated water is not bacteria/pyrogen free.
  • A=Analogue model, D=Digital model (with respect to conductivity meter for DM Plant)
  • Customised DM Plants are also made. Suitable plants can be recommemded based on the raw water analysis.


DM Plants can be used where good quality water of low conductivity is required. In general, Demineralised water can be used for the following:

  • As Feed water to distillers - For longer life of the boiler, to obtain high purity distillate, demineralised water can be used as feed water to distillers.
  • In General Laboratories and Research institutes
  • In Food and Diary Industries
  • In Breweries & Textile Units
  • In Chemical Industries
  • In Pharmaceutical Industries
  • In Electronic and Storage Battery Industries and many more

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