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AQUA SOFT (Water Softener Series )

AQUA SOFT (Water Softener Series )
AQUA SOFT (Water Softener Series )

Aqua Soft Up Flow Water Softener, softens the hard water and provides good quality water for use in laboratories and in various chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Aqua soft series comes in different models to suit every customer's need.

Features :

  • Highly efficient resin
  • Multiport Valve for ease of operation
  • Highly softened water
  • Easy service and Regeneration
  • Light Weight vessel for easy set up
  • Automatic and Semi-automatic Models are also available

Specifications :

Model No.Resin Qty (lit)Max Flow Rate(lit/hr)Output bet. Reg .(lts) Min pr.(kg/cm2)Max pr.(kg/cm2)
AS 600 5 300 2500 0.5 2.5
AS 1200 10 600 5000 2.0 3.5
AS 1.8K 15 900 8000 2.0 3.5
AS 3.6K 30 1500 16000 2.0 3.5
AS 6.6K 55 3000 30000 2.0 3.5
AS 9.6K 80 3500 44000 2.0 3.5

Output specifications mentioned in the table is based on 100 ppm input hardness as CaCO3.
Output between regeneration and max. Flow rate depends on feed water hardness.
Higher capacity plants can be designed and supplied as per specifications.
For AS 600 Model, the vessel is FRP and ball valves are used for service and regeneration.


The soft water obtained can be used:
As Feed water to distillers - For longer life of the boiler, to obtain high quality of distillate and to prevent scaling in the boiler, soft water can be used as feed to the boilers.
For Cooling water make-up.
In Laboratories and research institutes
In Food and Beverage production etc.
In Hotels, Hospitals and Laundries.

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AQUA SOFT (Water Softener Series )
AQUA SOFT (Water Softener Series )


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