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Prepared Microscope Slides

Prepared Microscope Slides
Prepared Microscope Slides
Letter 'e'
Cork Section
Frog Blood Smear
Bacteria, 3 types
Paramecium, wm
Basswood Stem, cs
Human Sperm Smear
Grantia Spicules, wm
Human Bone Ground,cs
Cardiac Muscle
Bread Mold, sexual
Bread Mold
Budding Yeast
Graph, white gridlines
Graph, black gridlines
Fruit Fly, wm
Butterfly Wing
Feathers, 3 types
Fern Spores Germinating
Hair, 3 types
Housefly head/legs/wings
Hydra, budding, wm
Lichen, sec.
Lily Stem, cs
Mixed Protozoa
Molds, 3 types
Muscle, 3 types
Oleander Leaf, cs
Onion Skin, cs
Spider, wm
Textile Fibers
Volvox, wm
Squamous Mesothelium
Monocot/Dicot Stem
Lily Leaf Epidermis
Amoeba Proteus
Bacteria smear from mouth
Mixed Diatoms, wm
Moss stem w/leaves,wm
Buttercup Root
Corn Stem, cs
Lily Anthers, cs
Lily Ovary, cs
Onion Bulb Epidermis,wm
Onion Root Tip Mitosis
Human Scalp, vs
Compact Bone, cs
Sunflower Stem, cs
Lilac Leaf
Honeybee anterior/posterior wing
Earthworm, cs of posterior
Daphnia and Cyclops, wm
Daphnia (Water Flea),wm
Housefly leg w/clinging pads
Human Cheek Cells
Striated Muscle, ls
Human Blood Smear
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