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10X, 60X, 200X

Light Source

Twin "Suberbrite" LEDs


640 X 480

Video Playback

15 Frames per Second

Software features

AnimationVideo and Audio Editing

Text and Labeling

Measurement tools


Comes Complete With: QX5 Computer Microscope, USB cable, Stand, Specimen Jars, Sample Slide, Tweezers, Eye Dropper, Slide Clip, and Software CDROM

QX5 Microscope - Digital Blue QX5 Computer Microscope (OTHER SPECIFICATIONS)

The award-winning QX3 computer microscope has been completely upgraded to the QX5!

Explore the microscopic world with the only microscope that connects to a computer. Software lets you view, edit, animate and even measure samples, then create slideshows and videos. The microscope has the mobility to come out of its base for the viewing of larger or possibly live samples in their natural habitats

Now featuring:

  • super-brite LED lighting for brighter, longer lasting top and bottom illumination
  • higher resolution (640x480) for more detailed images
  • video playback now three times faster at 15 frames per second*
  • sample measurement tools built into the software

QX5 also offers the same great features as before:

  • Magnify objects and view them on your PC, at 10X, 60X, and 200X
  • Take snapshots, video, and time-lapse movies
  • Manipulate images with drawing and painting tools
  • Experiment with your creations using special effects and sound
  • Share your discoveries through e-mail

Digital Blue QX5 Computer Microscope. Get children and adults to play the smart way with the QX5 USB Computer Microscope. The QX5 microscope magnifies anything from 10x all the way to 200x. You can view everything from the pre-prepared slide of a honeybee leg to a close up of your own tongue.

The QX5 is not only a microscope though, it also serves as a multi-function digital camera for taking digital still images and creating time-lapse movies. The QX5 also includes photo manipulation software that allows them to create and experiment with special effects and audio effects, which can all be inserted into the same images taken with the QX5. The QX5 microscope is a great item for any child or adult with an imagination, and will keep them happy for a long time to come!

Overall design features of the microscope are stylish and simple, yet they take advantage of state-of-the-art video imaging and computer technology allowing amateur scientists to explore their environment with optical microscopy at magnifications up to 200x.

Electrical power for the camera system and specimen illumination lamps is obtained from the computer through the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. Information and control commands are also passed between the computer and the microscope using this pathway. The accompanying software package provides an interface that is very nicely done with excellent graphics and audio clips that are presented through a kid-friendly layout. Students are able to capture single images, make movies, and perform time-lapse investigations on a variety of specimens with a single click of the mouse.

Much More Than Just Slides
The most impressive thing about this microscope is the fact you can take it out of its slide-viewing cradle. As long as it's still plugged into the computer, you can magnify anything with it: the hairs on your arm, your eyeball, flowers, or even the hidden microscopic text on money. While it is harder to focus using the microscope in handheld mode, it allows children to interact with a moving and alive world, rather than the pre-prepared, dead, flat world of the traditional microscope

Movies of the Microscopic
Another killer feature of the microscope is that it's not just a stills camera, it's a movie camera too. Carpet fly-overs, centipede's leg articulation or flies digesting their food can all be captured. You can even create a time-lapse movie. Photographing a sprouting seed over hours and then playing the images back as a movie is an amazing leap forward from the static view of a traditional microscope.

Image Capture and Editing
With the CD-ROM software included with QX5 Computer Microscope you can capture images and manipulate them with simplified, but still very useful paint tools and special effects (including fly-eye, kaleidoscope and atomic glow). If this pretty versatile array of image manipulating tools isn't enough you can even import or export your captured images to other programs.

Kids can share their creations by printing their projects as posters or stickers or by e-mailing images to friends. Children can also create their own slide presentations by sequencing and editing the captured images, video clips and time-lapse movies and adding music and sound effects.

Well Suited to the Very Young and Old Scientist
The unit itself appears robust, is brightly coloured and very simple to use...even parents will understand how it works. Time has been taken over the computer interface too. All captured images and movies are stored in one easily accessed collection window. Image manipulation is straightforward and very "undoable" if you make a mistake. Most kids should be able to enjoy the product as soon as it's installed and features like spoken word help will guide them through the more complicated functions.

This Brand New item includes:

  • QX5 Microscope (This is the latest version)
  • USB Cable
  • Stand
  • QX5 Microscope Software
  • Instructions and guide on CD
  • Specimen Jars
  • Sample Slide
  • Tweezers
  • Eye Dropper
  • Slide Clip

QX5 PC Microscope System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, 98, 98SE, and Windows ME.
  • Available USB port
  • Intel Pentium, Celeron 200MHz or processor that is comparable or faster. Special effects are enhanced for the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor.
  • 32MB of RAM
  • Minimum 150MB hard drive space
  • 4x CD-ROM Drive or faster
  • SVGA 800 x 600 resolution video support (min. 16-bit color)
  • Windows compatible sound device
  • Direct X8 (included on CD-ROM)
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