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Scientific Lab Equipments Manufacturer Exporter India
Lab Equipments Manufacturer Exporter India

Laboratory Testing Instruments

Laminar Air Flow

Clean Air Tent

Sampling Dispensing Booths

Biological Safety Cabinet

Fume Hood

A.C. Module

Sterile Garment Material Storage Cabinet


Laboratory Oven & Incubator
Abbe Refractometer Abbe Refractometer With Imported Optics
Air Curtains Antibiotic Zone Reader
Automatic Sterilizer Bottle / Chemical Storage Cabinet
Bulk Density Appratus Butyro Refractometer
Centrifuge Circulating Water Bath For Butyro Abbe Refractometer
Cooling Water Bath (refrigerated Water Bath) Deep Freezer(vertical Type)
Dehumidifier (stainless Steel Body) Digital Antibiotic Zone Reader (with Digital Display)
Digital Bomb Calorimeter Digital Colony Counter
Digital Colony Counter(new Delux Improved Model) Digital Conductivity Meter
Digital Dissolution Test Apparatus (single Stage) Digital Dissolution Test Apparatus (six Stage)
Digital Total Dissolve Solid (tds) Meter Disintegration Test Machine
Distillation Appratus Double Head Model
Electronic Balance Freeze Dryer(lypholizer)
Glass Beads Sterilizer Glass Distillation With Automatic Water Level Cut Off
Gyratory Sieve Shaker (floor Model) Hand Refractometer With Imported Optics
Heating Mantle Horizontal (reciprocating) Kahn Shaker
Hot Plates Hot Plates (rectangular) With Energy Regulator
Humidifier (aerosol Disinfector) Humidity Cabinet
Ice Flaking Machine Infrared Moisture Balance
Innoculation Hood Jar Test Apparatus (multiple Spindle Stirrer)
Karl-fisher-titrator Lab Blender (microbiological Blender)with Autoclavable Jars
Lab Stirrer Leak Test Apparatus(gmp Model)
Magnetic Stirrer-cum-hot Plate Melting Point Appratus
Micro Digital Model Micro Print Model(fully Automatic Micro Processor Based)
Oil Free Pump Ozone Hand Dryer
Ozone Room Sterlizer Pass Box (stainless Steel Body)
Pen-type-conductivity-meter Ph Meter (digital)
Pocket Ph Meter Polarimeter (220/400mm)
Polishing Machine (double Disc) Polishing Machine (single Disc)
Professional Line Analytical Balances Professional Line Analytical Balances
Rotap Sieve Shaker Rotary Shaker
Seed Germinator Seed Germinator
Seed Germinator (dual Chamber) Shaking Tray Size: Inside
So2 Apparatus Soxhlet Apparatus
Soxhlet Apparatus With Glass Parts Standard Model
Super Model Table Sieve Shaker
Tablet Friability Test Apparatus (double Drum) Tablet Friability Test Apparatus (single Drum)
Tablet Hardness Tester ( Phyzer Type ) Tablet Hardness Tester (monsanto Type)
Thin Layer Chromatography ( T.l.c. Apparatus ) Ultra Violet Cabinet
Ultrasonic Bath (sonicator) Uv- Currency Detector
Vacuum Pump Vortex Mixer
Water Bath (serological) Water Bath (with Holes)
Water Bath High Precision Water Bath Incubator Shaker (metabolic Shaking Incubator)
Willey Mill Wrist Action Shaking Machine

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