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Forensic Models

Decomposed Body Of A Male Showing Blisters A Hand Converted Into An Adipocere
Abrasion On Arm Caused By Teeth Bite Abrasion On The Face
Adipocere Of The Leg Bruise On Shoulders Caused By Scraping Against A Wall
Cadaveric Spasm In A Case Of Electrocution Decomposed Body Of A Boy Showing Peeled Cuticle
Defence Wounds Electrocution - Electric Entry Mark On Hand
Forensic Models Froth At The Nostrils In Drowning
Graze Abrasion On The Arm Following A Bicycle Accident Homicidal Cut Throat
Homicidal Injuries Caused By An Axe Homicidal Stab Wound Of The Chest
Homicidal Stab Wound On Neck Homicidal Strangulation With Telephone Wire Cord In The Neck
Insect Activity On Right Hand And Right Foot Prior To Mummification Lacerated Wound Of Scalp Caused By An Ekka Wheel
Laceration Of Brain Ligature Mark And Dribbling Of Saliva In A Case Of Hanging
Lightning Injuries Maggots On The Body In A Case Of Advanced Putrefaction
Multiple Homicidal Stab Wounds On Abdomen Nose Cut Off With Knife
Patterns Of Fingerprint Impression Postmortem Lividity Over The Face With Blanching At Pressure Points
Putrefaction Showing Greenish Discoloration Putrefaction Showing Reddish Discoloration
Self Inflicted Wound On Forearm Skull Injury Caused By A .32 Bore Revolver Fired In Contact With Skin
Stomach In A Case Of Poisoning By Sulphuric Acid Stomach In Acute Poisoning By Arsenic
Stomach In Poisoning By Potassium Cyanide Suicidal Cut Throat With Razor
Suicidal Shot With Pistol Throttling - Finger Marks On Neck, Upper Lip And Nostrils
Vitriolage - Sulphuric Acid Burns On Head And Face Wound Of A Revolver Bullet In Skull Bones

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