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Lab Equipments Manufacturer Exporter India

Educational Materials

Ac/dc Generator Demo Set Acrylic Lenses
Alcohol Burner Stand Alnico Bar Magnets
Alnico Magnet Set Alnico U-shaped Magnets
Ampere's Rule Apparatus Aneroid Barometer
Atomic Model Set (junior) Atomic Model Set (senior)
Ball And Ring Apparatus Ballistics Car
Barnes Dropping Bottle, 30ml Barometer-demonstration Type
Battery Holder Beaker Set, Glass
Bench Pulleys Boyle's Law Apparatus
Breaking Magnets Bucket And Cylinder
Bulb Holder Catch Bucket
Ceramic Magnets Ceramic Magnets
Ceramic Magnets Ceramic Magnets, 6-colors
Chalkboard Drawing Instruments Chemical Forceps
Connecting Wire Convection Of Gases Apparatus
Cow Magnet Crystal Model Sets
Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base
Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base
Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base
Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base
Cylinders, Glass With Plastic Hex Base Cylindrical Magnets
Demonstration Compass Density Blocks
Density Rod Dissecting Instruments Sets
Dissecting Trays Dna Manipulatives Kit
Economy Magnet Kit Economy Optics Kit
Electrical Supplies Electroscope Flask Form
Electroscope Gold Leaf Electroscopes Kit
Equilateral Acylic Prism Set Equilateral Prisms
Equilateral Refraction Prism Eye Dropper
Fahnesstock Clips Flashlight
Flint Glass Bottle Floating Magnets Set
Folding Magnifier Double Folding Magnifier Single
Folding Magnifier Triple Folding Magnifier-aluminum Case
Fractional Weight Set 1-500 Mg Friction Glider Set
Frictional Electricity Gas Lighter
Giant Folding Magnifier Glass Flask Set
Glass Streak Plates Glass Streak Plates
Glassware Assortment Hand Air Pump
Hand Lens - Plastic Frame Hand Lens- Metal Frame
Hand Microtome Hand Tally Counter
Hardware Assortment Hexagonal Masses
Hollow Acrylic Prism Hooke's Law Apparatus
Hooked Masses, Brass Hooked Weight Set, Black Enamel
Hooked Weight Set, Brass Hydrometer Cylinders
Impact Car Inclined Plane With Pulley
Inoculating Loop Knife Switches
Lab Tools Kit Lamp Boards
Lamp Socket Large Compass
Large Pocket Magnifiers Leyden Jar
Litmus Paper Litmus Paper
Lodestone Magnetic Compasses
Magnetic Field Demonstrator Magnets, Plastic Covered
Measurement Kit Meter Stick Optical Bench
Meters Micrometer
Mirror Supports Mirrors, Spherical, Glass / Double Concave Mirrors
Mitosis Manipulatives Kit Neutralizing Lens Set
Newton's Ring Apparatus Optics Set
Overflow Can Overflow Can And Bucket Set
Pendulum Clamp Ph Paper, Wide Range
Plastic Beaker Set Plastic Forceps
Plastic Graduated Cylinder Set Porcelain Casseroles
Porcelain Pestle And Mortar Prepared Microscope Slides
Prepared Slide Sets Protein Synthesis Manipaulatives Kit
Pulleys Resonance Box With Tuning Forks
Right Angle Prisms Right Angle Refraction Prisms
Right- Angled Acrylic Prism Set Rubber Filter Aid
Rubber Stoppers, Assortments Screwdriver
Semi-circular Lens Set Of Prisms
Sextant, Brass Slide Holding Forceps
Slide Storage Boxes, Plastic Slide Storage Boxes, Wooden
Slotted Weight Set Sphygmomanometer
Spot Plate, 12 Cavity Spring Scales Clear Plastic
Steel Horseshoe Magnets Stethoscope Bowles Type
Stethoscope Dual Earpeice-teaching Stethoscope Ford Type
Stethoscopes, Child Size Stirrup
Student Microscope Kit Student Plasticware Assortment
Student Platform Scale Tandem Pulleys
Telegraph Key Tool Kit
Triple Magnifier - Plastic Tripod Magnifiers
Tuning Fork Set Tuning Forks
Vernier Calipers, Brass Vernier Calipers, Plastic
Wave Demonstrator Set Weights And Weight Boxes
Wimshurst Generator Wire Stripper

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