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Stepper Motors

 Stepper Motors
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Stepper Motors

A stepper motor can be defined as an electro mechanical device that converts electrical pulses into discrete mechanical motion as opposed to conventional motors with free running shafts. Many types of stepping motors exist with the permanent magnet (Hybrid) being the most popular now. A variety of step angles are available, the most popular is the 1.80 per step or also referred to as the 200 step per revolution motor. The stepping action is achieved by switching the power to the motor windings, so that the motor phases are energized in a specific sequence. The motors have high holding torque when not being stepped, because current is being maintained on the motor winding.


It is the maximum torque required to change the motor shaft step angle, when the stator windings are excited at the rated voltage.


1. Inherently a digital device, number of pulses determine distance, frequency sets the speed.

2. Drift free.

3. The step angle error is very small and non-cumulative.

4. Rapid response to starting, stopping, and reversing.

5. Brushless design for reliability, simplicity.

6. High torque per package size.

7. Stable at zero speed.

8. Holding torque at standstill.

9. Can be stalled repeatedly and indefinitely without damage.

10. No extra feedback components required (encoders can be added for additional advantages).

11. Bidirectional operation.


TypeHolding Torque (Kg-cm)
IBL 200-16130.8
IBL 200-17130.95
IBL 200-23152.7
IBL 200-23205.8
IBL 200-233210
IBL 200-234010

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