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Scientific Microscopes

Co-Axial Research Microscope
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Co-Axial Research Microscope

We are the positions as the topmost manufacturer and exporter of Co-Axial Research Microscopes. These Co-Axial Research Microscopes are designed with utmost facilitating features, which will enhance tour work proficiency and will give you exact results.

Incorporated With :-

  • Latest coaxial coarse
  • Fine focusing mechanism based on a 4-gear reduction system
  • Traveling on ball bearing guides
  • Highly sensitivity
  • Fine motion with a graduation reading to 0.002mm
  • Co-axial system provides highest deg
  • Convenience and precision
  • Sturdy and stable microscope stand
  • Ball bearing quadruple revolving nose
  • Piece turret on a dust-proof mount
  • Lifelong smooth
  • Built perfect alignment for a common center
  • Large graduated mechanical stage (145x125mm)
  • Low positioned co-axial central knobs for x & y movements
  • Convenient manipulation
  • Microscope base has built
  • Halogen 6v-20w illumination
  • Oil illumination with on/off switch
  • Continuously variable light intensity regulator for day-light
  • High grade condenser system Na 1.25
  • Iris-diaphragm
  • Swing –out filter ring
  • Adjustable through rack-n-pinion
  • High transmission binocular observation head
  • Inclined at 45 deg
  • Superior coated prismatic system
  • Best color coated corrected parfocalled
  • Centered optics are fitted

Optical Combination :-

  • Achromatic Objectives :- 4x/5x, 10x, 40x/45x, (SL) & 100x (SL) Oil immersion
  • Eye Piece :- WF.10x (Pair)
  • Eye Pieces :- 5x (Pair) Huygenian
  • DIN standard objectives and super wide field eye piece
  • Packed in Thermocol and Wooden Box
  • Trinocular with Photographic attachment
  • Image Analysing Software

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Dual-Head Microscope
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Dual-Head Microscope

Dual-Head Microscope is latest development in microscopy. Provided with multiple utmost features, we have designed them for all mandatory functions. For all these amazing features of Dual-Head Microscopes, we have approach the markets with new zeal.

Allocated Features :-

  • Double binocular head enabling observation
  • Study by two persons at the same time
  • Conference and discussion
  • Microscope
  • Fine Focus
  • Din achromat
  • Standard optics
  • Double paired hkwf 10x
  • Huygenian 5x paired eyepieces

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Metallurgical Binocular Microscope
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Metallurgical Binocular Microscope

These Metallurgical Binocular Microscopes are specially designed for mineralogy and many other branches such as ceramics. These Metallurgical Binocular Microscopes are equipped with the sensational features like Achromatic Objectives (anti reflection coating) providing high transmission, excellent image quality.

Specifications :-

  • As per BTM 406 Quadruple ball bearing
  • Nose-piece
  • Co-axial coarse
  • Fine focusing coupled
  • Knob tension control ring
  • Specimen space
  • Adjusting knob
  • Co-axial mechanical stage
  • Right hand low position control knob
  • Built in incident illuminator 6v-20w halogen lamp
  • Provided with field and fine aperture diaphragm
  • Packed in wooden box

Optical Combination :-

  • Eye piece :- M5x (Cross lines), M10xWF (Ocular Micrometer), M-15x (Plain)
  • Objective :- M5x, M 10x, M 40/45x (SL), 100xOil immersion (SL)
  • Trinocular with photographic attachment
  • Image Analysing Software

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Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscope
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Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscope

Under the supervision of most renowned technicians, we have designed these Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscopes. These are featured with the innovative optical and structural designs, facilitating group discussions and consultation. For that, we have established ourselves as the most reputed Penta Head Multi Viewing Microscopes manufacturers and exporters.

Facilitates With :-

  • Innovative optical
  • Structural design idea
  • Facilitating group discussions
  • Consultation by five observers during important meetings, conferences and seminars
  • Five observation head
  • Inclined 45°/30° for comfortable viewing
  • Including the central trinocular head
  • Accept optical photo micrograph
  • Video equipment
  • Built in led green light pointer
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Moved in field of view during group discussion
  • Infinity corrected plan optics
  • Eye Piece WF 10x
  • 5 pairs
  • 45o Head
  • 30o Head

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Student Dissecting Microscope
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Student Dissecting Microscope

Student Dissecting Microscopes are made up of supreme quality metals, which provide effective results and functioning while processing. We are delight to serve against the needs of clients, who belongs to different sections of society. With our superior featured products, we are able to carve a niche as the most trusted manufacturer of Student Dissecting Microscopes.

Accumulated With :-

  • Brass parts complete
  • 2 eyepieces 10x and 20x
  • Packed in Thermo box
  • Wooden Box

Applications At :-

  • Pharmacy colleges
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Colleges
  • Industries

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Student Microscope
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Student Microscope

We are well-known manufacturers and suppliers of Student Microscopes, which are beneficial for the enlarge view of small objects. These are widely demanded by industries, labs, colleges, and schools. For the different needs at different levels, we have featured these Student Microscopes with different applications.

Characteristics :-

  • Monocular inclinable up to 90 objectives
  • Achromatic 10x and 40x
  • Eyepieces
  • Huygenian 5x-10x-15x (any two)
  • Wide field 10x
  • Focusing : coarse
  • Fine adjustments
  • Stage : mechanical with top controls
  • Sub-stage : condenser with diaphragm on rack & pinion
  • Illumination : with reflector
  • Packing : packed in thermo coal box

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Vernier Microscope
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Vernier Microscope

Vernier Microscopes are designed to meet the requirements of Research, Colleges, Schools and Industrial laboratories. These Vernier Microscopes are mainly used for accurate measurement of the diameters of different objects. They are also used in Physics Laboratories for more accurate determination of small variation in the liquid levels, Manometers, the refractive index of liquids as well as in surface tension & viscosity experiments. For that, we have acquired the apex position among the leading Vernier Microscopes manufacturers and exporters.

In Demand For :-

  • 18 cms & 15cms
  • Stainless steel scales
  • Vernier reading to 0.01 mm
  • Achromatic objective
  • 10x ramsden eye piece
  • Fine cross line hair
  • Complete in nicely polished case

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Monocular Medical Microscope
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Monocular Medical Microscope

Monocular Medical Microscopes, offered by us, flourished with the utmost features, which will allow the pursuits to provide efficient functioning. We are praised by the clients, for the satisfactory catering services of these Monocular Medical Microscopes. We are acknowledged for our product range in between the existing manufacturers and suppliers of Monocular Medical Microscopes.

Standardized Features :-

  • Standard monocular body
  • Tube inclined up to 90Deg
  • Tube length 160mm
  • Revolving triple nose piece
  • Separate coarse
  • Graduated fine focusing knobs
  • Vernier reading to 0.002mm
  • Detachable graduated
  • Mechanical stage for X & Y movements
  • Stage size 120x120mm
  • Provided with movable sub stage
  • Condenser N.A.1.25
  • Iris diaphragm
  • Illumination by Plano-concave reflector
  • Supplied with standard accessories
  • Sub-stage Lamp replacement with reflector
  • Graduated observation draw tube

Optical Combinations :-

  • Achromatic Objectives :- 4x/5x, 10x, 40x/45x 100x (SL) Oil immersion
  • Huygenian eyepieces :- 5x &15x (any one) or WF 10x

Packed :-

  • Thermocole box
  • Wooden box

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