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Carlos Slit Lamps
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Carlos Slit Lamps

A leading Greenough type microscope. High grade multi-coating lenses / The two-step revolving type magnification changing system / The light booster button on the right side of base / New Modern wooden top with beveled edges / Smooth Joy-stick operated base/ Utility drawer.


Type Greenough - type stereoscopic microscope
Total Magnifications 10X, 16X, 24X (with 16X eyepieces)
Interpupillary adjustment 52mm to 82mm
Slit width 0 to 12mm, continuously variable
Slit length 1 to 12mm,
Built-in filters Heat absorbing, UV, red-free, cobalt blue
Lamp 12V 30W halogen bulb
Base Joystick, single point control
Weight 20kg

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Carlos Video Slit Lamp
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Carlos Video Slit Lamp

Greenough type microscope with built-in beam-splitter/ 70 : 30 beam-splitting ratio/ c-mount capable/high resolution CCD camera/SOFT-IMAGE imaging software capable/Back-ground white light /Boosting switch on base/ can adapt to commercial digital cameras.


Microscope Greenough type with built-in beam-splitter.
Magnification 10x,16x and 24x.
Filters Blue, green,yellow, diffused
Slit-Length 12mm
Bulb 12V30W Halogen
Weight 20 kgs
CCD Camera High resolution color 1/3” camera with C-mount

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Lensmeter- INT 600, INT 1000
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Lensmeter- INT 600, INT 1000

LED operation with or without mains / External reading / Corona / built-in timer for auto off / Tilt facility.

Type INT 600 INT 1000 INT 800
Target Corona Corona- cross 3 parallel lines
Range 0 to +/- 24.00 D, in 0.25 steps upto +/- 10D , 0.50 beyond
Axis 0 to 180 in 1 degree steps
Prism Upto 5 prism diopters
Lamp LED using 2 AA type batteries

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Metal / ABS rims / 25 mm lenses / plano form lenses / cylinders with handles / attractive wood box.


Rims Metal ABS
Color Red / black Green/brown or red/black
Diameter of lens 25 mm upto 6D, 22 beyond 22 mm
Sphericals (+/-0.12D to 20D 0.12 to 4 in 0.25 steps, 4.5 to 6 in 0.5 steps,1D beyond
Cylinders(+/- 0.12D to 6D) +/- 0.12 D to 3.5D in 0.25 D steps, 0.5 D beyond
Accessories Prisms upto 12D, 7 pcs accessories
Frame Optional
Finish Wooden tray with box

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Surgical Microscope
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Surgical Microscope

Stereo Zoom / Fibre optic illumination/ Motorised fine focus /portable stand /Counter-balanced arm.

The Operation Microscopes follow the tradition of our ever popular Ophthalmic Instruments. These have been developed with over twenty years of experience and knowledge in the manufacture of precision optical instruments and devices. These instruments combine the best of Optical Designs and Mechanics and are built to perform !!!

Objective 200 mm
Magnifications 4x - 16x in continuous zoom
Counter-balance arm Spring / gas controlled
Motorised fine focus Yes
Intensity Beyond 150,000 lux
Video/Digital Camera adoptor Optional

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Applanation Tonometer
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Applanation Tonometer

Easy to add on to any HS typr slitlamp/ 2 Japanese Cones / measuring range upto 80mm OF Hg.

Fits onto all haag-Striet type slit - lamps. Provides accurate reading using the Imbert - Fick law. Measuring range from 10mm of Hg to 80mm of Hg, read directly off the graduation scale. 3 measuring optical cones are provided for longer life to the instrument. Calibration system is provided with the instruments.

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