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Introduction LAB Laser Trainer offers suggestion for activities, demonstration & experiments that can be performed. The Laser Trainer comes with necessary accessories like convex lens, concave lens, Polaroid filter and beam stop screen. Laser Trainer comes with detailed instruction manuals which covers topics involving 1.Reflection 2.Refraction, 3.Beam Deviation, 4.Absorption, 5.Communications. The typical measurements such as the wave length of laser light and determining the effects of polarization are also explained. The instruction manual even includes the basic theory of the Laser Pointer operation and safety precautions when dealing with Laser Technology.

Specifications of Laser Trainer:

Laser Type : Solid-state Laser Diode
Maximum Output : 3.0mW
Wave Length : 670nm (10nm)
Beam Diameter :
4mm x 0.65mm

Beam Divergence : 0.7mrad
Power Requirements : 230V/mains operated with 9V adopter
Operating Time : 6 - 8 hours
Switch : Momentary On/Off

The list of experiments that can be conducted on our LAB LASER TRAINER.

1. Radiometric Light Measurements
2. lrradiance
3. Diffraction and Interference
4. Beam Diameter
5. Refraction
6. Critical Angle
7. Focal Length
8. Collimation
9. Reflection
10. Fresnel Reflection
11. Mirrors
12. Transmission of Light
13. Polarization
14. Laser interferometer
15. Data Transmission/Reception


Concave lens - 1No
Convex lens - 1No
Filters - various colours
Polaroid Filter - 1No
Diffraction Kit - 1No
Speaker - 1No
Microphone - 1NO
Lens stand - 4Nos
Optical Bench - 4Nos
Beam stop screen - 1No


1. LASER TRASMITTER TRAINER: 16cms x 13cms x 3cms
2. LASER RECEIVER TRAINER : 16cms x 13cms x 3cms

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