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Anaesthesia Machine
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Anaesthesia Machine

This unit has oxygen failure alarm and N2O cut-off system. When
the pressure of oxygen falls down less than 1 1/2 L.P.M. the machine will not work N2O Gas will cut down. Oxygen failure alarm automatic will be on. It is lengthy alarm you have to close N2O cylinder to stop alarm.

Note : The photograph on the front cover shows certain accessories which are optional : 1. Circle Absorber 2 Cylinders. 3. Conversion Kit for O2 & N2O ( Mox Regulators) 4. B.P. Apparatus. Our company has a right to change the design of Unit without any notice.

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Portable Anaesthesia Machine
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Portable Anaesthesia Machine

Detail Components and Accessories

  1. Flow metre unit for oxygen & Nitrous-oxidetube 9" (230mm) with fine adjustment controls.
  2. Ether unit with glass bottle.
  3. Emergency unit with blow-off valve unit.
  4. Maggil circuit complete with Bag mount, currugated tube 40" Heasbrink valve with angle mount, Re-breathing Bag, Face Mask and cathetor mount.
  5. Oxygen Regulator with tubing to use with 'A' & 'B' cylinders.
  6. Nitrous-oxide regulator with tubing to use with 'A' type (Pin-in-dex) Cylinder.
  7. Tool kit.
  8. Light wt. frame
  9. Carrying case for above unit.

Optional Extras

  1. Cylinders for Oxygen and Nitrous-Oxide.
  2. Bain circuite complete.
  3. Laryngoscope with S.S. Blades.
  4. Resuscitators adult or child sizes.
  5. Pedeatic Anaesthesia Set for new born babies.
  6. Re-breathing Bags.
  7. Face Mask Padded.
  8. Maggil forceps and brush.
  9. Corrugatted tubes.

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