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This all-in-one-instrument is a unique, hand held re-chargeable battery operated Instrument is a combination of 5MHz Single Channel Oscilloscope with 3-3/4 Digits Digital Multimeter with RS-232 Interface cable, 5MHz Function Generator, 1.3GHz Frequency counter and Single Channel Logic Analyzer for TTL, 3V CMOS and 5V CMOS.

It has a large LCD 160 x 160-pixel High Density Graphical display. In the Oscilloscope Mode it displays waveform up to 5 MHz frequencies and has a sampling range of 25 MSPS and the rising time is less than 15ns. It has an input protection up to 600V pp max. The vertical sensitivity can be adjusted from 10mV / Div to 200V/ Div and the horizontal sweep can be adjusted from 125ns - 2 s/div. It has both auto and normal triggering. The cusrsor measurement of DV, DT and 1/DT. It can store up to 15 waveforms that can be recalled later.

In the Digital Multimeter model it works as a 3-3/4 Digits 4000 Counts Multimeter and can be used to measure AC Voltage, DC Voltage, AC Current, DC Current, Resistance, Frequency, Capacitance, audible continuity testing and dBm. In the frequency counter mode it measures up to 1.3 GHz with 8 digits display and time period measurements from 5 Hz to 100 MHz. In the function generator mode it gives an output in triangular, sine and square waves of frequency varying from 2 Hz to 5Mhz and with the amplitude varying from 2V to 10V p-p. The duty cycle is adjustable and it also provides a simultaneous display of frequency, duty cycle and amplitude.

In the logic analyzer mode it can be used for TTL, 3V CMOS and 5V CMOS circuits. It comes complete with RS-232 Interface cable and software, battery charger adaptor, oscilloscope probe, test leads, operator's manual and holster. It can also be connected directly to a EPSON Thermal printer.

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This is a hand held diagnostic tool that is a must for all diagnosis of electrical circuits. It is a 20MHz Dual Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope combined with Dual Channel True RMS Digital Multimeter to measure AC/DC Voltage, Frequency, Resistance, continuity and Diode Testing. It is battery operated and hand held instrument.

It has autoranging Voltage and Time Base. The vertical sensitivity can be varied from 500mV to 200V / Div in the sequence of 1, 2 and 5. The horizontal sensitivity can be varied from 50ns to 2 Secs in 1, 2 , 5 sequence. In the horizontal mode it has a record length (bytes) of 512 single shot and glitch capture and 256 other modes. The sampling rate in horizontal mode is 25MS/ Div. It has Single, Normal, Auto and Glitch modes. In the vertical part the sampling rate is 25MS/sec and the resolution is 8 bits. The coupling is AC, DC, GND. The input impedance is more than 1 M.Ohms. The display mode is CH1 and DUAL. The maximum input voltage is 600V rms. And has Free run and normal modes.

The trigger source is internal (CH1 / CH2). The slope is positive / negative and the sensitivity is 0.5 divisions or more between DC to 5MHz and 1.5 Div or more from 5 MHz to 20MHz. It has a 76 x 76 mm 240 x 240 pixels FSTN black & white CCFL Backlite LCD Display. Using optional adaptors temperature from -40 to 500 Degree F, Current from 0 to 400 / 1000A and pressure up to 500 psi can be measured. The voltage and Time base in the oscilloscope modes can be set manually or automatically. It has waveform and set-up memory and also has printer interface. It has two screen memories.

It has optically isolated RS-232 PC Interface. It is both battery and AC mains operated. It has trend plot facility. It comes complete with rechargeable battery pack, rubber test lead set, AC/DC adapter, instruction manual, boot with strap, alligator clip set, Software, RS232 PC interface cable and BNC adapter set. More details as per leaflet enclosed.

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